WASHI / 2014

Pictures       Charite Smet
Styling       Julie D’hooge
Make-up & hair       Katarina Goyvaerts
Model       Chau Braekevelt
Washi (和紙) comes from wa meaning Japanese and shi meaning paper. The term is used to describe paper made by hand in the traditional manner and is used in many traditional arts like origami.

Angular_be_2014_Washi_09 Angular_be_2014_Washi_10 Angular_be_2014_Washi_11 Angular_be_2014_Washi_12 Angular_be_2014_Washi_13 Angular_be_2014_Washi_14 Angular_be_2014_Washi_15 Angular_be_2014_Washi_16 Angular_be_2014_Washi_17